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Psychologist, Dr. Lee Penn, has over a decade working with hundreds of patients in the later stages of life. He has worked in a variety of settings, including the Veterans Affairs administration, nursing homes, private practice offices, and academic departments. Currently he is a professor at Spalding University, where he teaches future psychologists and furthers his research into matters affecting older individuals.

Dr. Penn aims to help people to live well-rounded lives and navigate the challenges unique to old age. Focusing on health, mood, socializing, and enjoyable activities are his keys to fostering growth in others. Such transitions as entering retirement, coping with chronic health conditions, grief, and entering nursing home care can be very hard to cope with alone. Dr. Penn has his clients to deal with these issues and so much more as a mental health therapist, coach, and friend to our elder citizens.

His contributions go beyond clinical practice, as his research has gained recognition on esteemed platforms such as PubMed and the American Psychological Association. Dr. Penn's dedication to advancing the understanding of psychology among older adults has led to numerous scholarly publications that continue to influence the field.

Now he hopes to broaden his reach beyond direct client services and research studies with the Golden Rules book series. These powerful lessons are written in an accessible and entertaining way based on his work with older clients. Check out his first book in the Golden Rules series: The Golden Rules of Retirement: A Psychologist's Guide to Living Life to the Fullest, No Matter Your Financial Situation.

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